In year 2017, Taehwa Enterprises introduced its own brand in ceiling fan and ventilation fan market- WHIFA. Whifa introduce Brush Less Direct Current (BLDC) Motors in Ventilation Fans, for the very first time in India. The ceiling fans come equipped with Brush Less Direct Current (BLDC) motor technology, with BLDC Technology the consumption of power reduces to almost half of normal ceiling and ventilation fans.

After making an impressive mark in South Korea, WHIFA has been successfully spreading its wings in India in a short span of just one year. It is notable that the brand is expanding very fast and firmly in India as well. The company’s vision is to provide such quality products and services that had yet been envisaged for the consumers. To ensure we launch WHIFA after due diligent research and that’s why, we took feedback and ideas from various people for a long time, understood and crafted the product for market launch. This has helped us to ensure that we understand our customer needs and expectations clearly.


Whifa understands how important it is to update in current technology, so we use the most innovative technology in our product. In present time Not only India rather the world is facing the problem of global warming, and to reduce this problem world needs is Eco-friendly products. The technology We use in our products reduces the energy consumption more than half, so that our product becomes an eco-friendly product. We use BLDC processes to make motors for our products. BLDC technology is the world’s most energy-saving technology.

Whifa Super Efficient Fans that are available in the market use a different type of electronic motor, which is also called Brushless DC (BLDC) motor. This new technology with efficient blade designs makes ceiling fans far more efficient, and the fans consume 30-35 Watts of electricity, which is 50% less than the old regular fans. Some of such ceiling fans have air delivery of 220-230 m3/min that makes them almost the same in performance as compared to the regular ceiling fans with better air circulation and lower noise.


We as a new brand introduces in a very competitive market of Ceiling Fans and Ventilation Fans just for the customers who actually expect much better product quality with superior services WHIFA CEILING FANS AND Ventilation FANS.

In India Whifa is the first brand who introduces BLDC Motor Technology in Ventilation Fans which is available in 5 different sizes. Available sizes are 3.5 Inch, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch. All the sizes will available in White color. Due to such variety in the sizes, any person can take the benefit of this product by using in their home, office or anywhere else, at least energy saving with much better performance.

In Ceiling Fan 48 Inch size will available in 3 very attractive and sober colors White, Ivory and Chocolate Brown. To provide more convenience to the customer, to operate this Ceiling Fan is a remote is given with that product. Customer can easily on / off the fan and change the speed of fan without left their bed or sofa. No regulator needed for Whifa fans.


On the face of it, the price of the Whifa super-efficient fans look high, but if we look at current and rising electricity costs, opting for fans makes a lot of sense especially to replace the high usage fans. The specifications of this fans look really good, and if there is good response from the market, there will be significant savings of electricity for the consumers as well as nation in the future.


Other FAN (Induction MOTOR) WHIFA Fans with BLDC Technology
TECHNOLOGY Induction Motor Brush Less Direct Current (BLDC) Motors
Colour White White
Blade Type Steel / Aluminium Aluminium
Sweep 1200 mm 1200 mm
RPM 350 RPM 365 RPM
Air Delivery 215 CMM 220 CMM
Power Requirements 230 Volts 90 Volts
Power Consumption 72 W 35 W
Warranty Period 2 Years Warranty 5 Year Replacement Guarantee
Remote No Yes
Other Features 50 Hz Frequency 50-60 Hz Frequency